Table of Contents for Identification and Counting of Symmetry Elements

General Tutorial
Example of counting symmetry elements using Ethane

The purpose of these exercises is for you to learn to recognize selected point group symmetry elements in various species. You should have a model in your hands as you work through each example. As you complete each example, enter the number of each symmetry element onto your worksheet.

Although you could "click your way" through the exercises without learning the symmetry elements, doing so will make it unlikely you can do well on the post-lab quiz that you are to do at the end of these exercises.

Note: For CHEM 201 only selected symmetry elements are required. This page leads to problems which have some elements already counted..


practice: NH3


When you have finished these exercises, let your instructor know. You will be given a hard-copy of the template below for a Post-Lab Quiz worth 30 points.